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As a surveyor in Reading and the surrounding areas, Three County Surveys are proud to form the cornerstone of our customer's pre-construction endeavours.

We provide a fully bespoke service tailored to our customer's specific needs, location and situation, instead of the one-size-fits-all approach favoured by larger surveyors.  Three County Surveys' approach as Berkshire building surveyors means that our prices are both competitive and reflect the size of your property and the detail required.

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Structure Surveys

A crucial stage in any purchase, renovation or construction project, structure surveys involve a detailed inspection of a property's roof, walls, floors and foundations to identify any defects or issues that could adversely affect its safety or value.

A structure survey involves:

  • Gathering information on the age, condition and type of the structure to be surveyed
  • Conducting an initial visual inspection
  • Collecting hard data on the property's shapes, dimensions and other features
  • Analysing the data to create a detailed report, before presenting this to the client.

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building inspectors on construction site


Measured Building Surveys

A measured building survey involves taking on-site measurements of a building's structure, features and services to provide an accurate representation of its architectural features. This typically includes floor plans, internal and external elevations and sectioning, all clearly labelled and cleanly presented.

This typically includes:

  • Planning the survey by reviewing existing plans and obtaining the necessary permits
  • Conducting fieldwork in the property to identify any structural defects, damage or issues with services
  • Reporting the findings of the survey, including any issues identified and recommendations for repairs or improvements

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boarder boundary in field property

Boundary Surveys

Property disputes are rarely pleasant, particularly those between neighbours. Three County Surveys endeavour to resolve these disagreements quickly, calmly and professionally, regardless whether a boundary survey is required to establish property lines or as evidence for legal proceedings.

This may include:

  • Obtaining the existing deeds and other documents to establish a foundation
  • An initial survey of the property or land in question
  • Fieldwork to identify any boundary issues or encroachments
  • Putting our findings together in a formalised report

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Open drain cover with camera on cable inspecting

Drainage Surveys

A drainage survey involves inspecting and assessing the condition and quality of a property's pipes or drainage systems, using state-of-the-art CCTV and remote cameras. These may be required as pre-purchase due diligence, as part of a construction project or as part of a maintenance program.

This process includes:

  • Gathering information about the property
  • Using specialist equipment to inspect the drainage system
  • Identifying any anomalies, blockages, leaks or other damage
  • Summarising our findings with a detailed report, along with any recommendations for repairs and a costing estimate

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typographical equipment measuring land and distance

Topographical surveys

Topographical surveys are essential for any development project. By gathering and presenting information about the manmade and natural features of the area, we can ensure that no issues rear their head down the line and that your development plans run smoothly.

A topographical survey typically includes:

  • Establishing survey control points using GPS to ensure the survey is as accurate as possible
  • Collecting data on the contours, features and elevations of the land
  • Using this information to create a detailed map
  • Delivering the finished map(s) in a digital or physical format.

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Frequently asked questions 

Questions about Structure Surveys


What kinds of properties are structure surveys suitable for?

Every kind of property can benefit from a comprehensive structure survey, for peace of mind and assurance if not for valuation purposes. However, the level of detail that goes into a structure survey makes them particularly suited to older (Particularly listed) and larger properties.

When will I need a structure survey?

You will typically need a structure survey if you are considering a purchase. While there is no legal requirement, we recommend you have one undertaken to identify any potential issues or defects that would not be apparent during a routine viewing. This ensures you can make a fully informed decision before you proceed with the purchase, as well as potentially negotiating the price with the seller.


Questions about Measured Building Surveys


When will I need a measured building survey?

You will legally need a measured building survey if you are intending to add an extension, redevelop or restore a property. This provides a foundational report for your designers, engineers and architects.

How accurate are measured building surveys?

A measured building survey is conducted with a wide range of equipment including total stations, digital cameras and laser scanners to ensure that no stone is left unturned, and our findings will be clearly presented in as an auto CAD drawing.


Questions about boundary surveys


When would I need a boundary survey?

Boundary surveys provide a clear demarcation of property lines; even if there is not an ongoing dispute, it is helpful to know exactly where your property begins and ends. This is also essential if you are considering installing overhangs or a driveway.

Are boundary surveys legally binding?

Yes – They can therefore be used in legal proceedings where required.

Questions about drainage surveys


When would I need a drainage survey?

Drainage surveys can uncover issues with your drainage system that a surface-level examination may have missed, and an offer an accurate assessment of the extent of the damage. Similarly to structure surveys, they also offer further clarity prior to the purchase of a property.

What can my surveyor do if problems are found?

If any issues are uncovered as part of the survey, the report will include a list of proposed solutions and recommendations to give you a starting point for nay repairs that might be required.


Questions about topographical surveys


What are the benefits of a topographical survey?

A topographical survey allows you to create a sound foundation for any construction project you intend on undertaking, by identifying potential issues that might develop into costly mistakes once building work commences.

What issues might a topographical survey uncover?

This can vary dramatically by the site you are having surveyed. Common issues include the presence of contaminated soil, drainage issues that may arise due to elevation and the presence of load-bearing walls.




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